Our DNA: Going the Extra Mile for our Customers

By Tatiyana Toutok, Senior Title Operations Supervisor, Wimba

Committed to our customers

“Tatiyana and her team at Wimba Title were a pleasure to work with. Thanks to their team for all the continuous support throughout the process and in guiding me on gathering all of the required documentations. Most importantly, they were working around my busy schedule and were able to close in a timely manner. The whole process was as smooth as possible. I’m grateful to have found them. Wimba Title believes in going the extra mile to take care of their clients and it shows in their level of execution. Highly recommended!” – Akash Vijan, CEO Govardhan Group

Convenience for Roc360 customers

Wimba offers an added layer of convenience to existing Roc360 customers. Choosing Wimba means we can pull documents from our integrated systems, which greatly improves processing times, because borrowers don’t have to submit documents multiple times. For example, we can process title searches for existing Roc360 customers even before the loan is approved, which can result in a faster turnaround time.

We’ve got big plans to make our process even better – more digital, more efficient, and easier to use. Soon our title platform will be fully integrated with Roc360 subsidiary lenders’ own platforms. This will consolidate steps and reduce time and frustration for borrowers, leading to faster closings and happier customers.

At Wimba we’re just getting started in raising the standards of service and quality in the title insurance industry. We’d love your feedback and would be happy to answer your questions about our products and services.

About the author

Tatiyana Toutok is an accomplished title insurance professional with an excellent reputation from over 20 years of experience in the industry. She retains licensure in 31 states. As the acting Senior Title Operations Supervisor at Wimba Title Agency, she oversees every aspect of the transactions, from opening to post closing, while simultaneously striving to expand the company and keep it at the very edge of the state-of-the-art technology. 

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